Advancement of women
Asia-Africa women parliamentarian forum 1 Jun 2001- present ; US$361,001
Development issues and policies
Capacity-building and networking for the follow-up to the five-year review of the implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development 1 Jan 2000- present ; US$860,000
Capacity-building and institutional development for equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities 1 Jan 2000- present ; US$940,660
International forum for social development South-South and North-South exchanges US$710,389
Energy planning and management
Energy efficiency standards and labelling programme 30 Apr 2000- present ; US$1,610,000
World energy assessment: stakeholder consultations 1 Jun 1999- present ; US$1,428,575
United Nations online network of regional institutions for capacity building in public administration and finance (UNPAN) 1 Jun 1999- present ; US$1,525,000
Capacity-building (sector review) for metropolitan management in Havana city 1 Oct 1997- present ; US$18,183
Science and technology
Technical and advisory support facility 28 Mar 2003- present ; US$881,819
Special programme for local government and civil participation
Global umbrella programme for gender equality and advancement of women 30 Sep 1996- present ; US$449,998
Water resources development and management
Support of the small island developing States network 1 Jan 2002- present ; US$909,089
Capacity-building to improve water management and accelerate investments in the water sector 1 Jan 2000- present ; US$1,650,000
Train sea coast programme US$109,000


Administrative programme support
Training development for ocean and coastal management 31 Dec 1993- present; US$299,999
Advancement of women
Capacity-building for promoting gender equality in Africa: a DAW/DPEPA joint venture 1 Jul 2000- present; US$1,241,000
Women and the economy, strengthening the capacity of national machineries 1 Jan 2000- present; US$405,000
Women and armed conflict 1 Jan 2000- present; US$753,000
Support to the preparation of States Parties reports to be submitted to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women 1 Jan 1999- present; US$45,780
Development issues and policies
Fifth global forum on reinventing government - innoviation and quality in government 1 Sep 2003- present; US$590,910
Technical cooperation on transport energy 1 Sep 2003- present; US$79,562
Preparatory assistance for capacity development in local governance: Africa 28 Aug 2003- present; US$180,400
Sustainability in community-based disaster management - formation of strategic 28 Aug 2003- present; US$112,152
Capacity-building programme for diplomats 2003 28 Aug 2003- present; US$818,182
Support to the establishment of a national commission 25 Aug 2003- present; US$250,000
Contribution to poverty eradication through social assessments for the follow up to the Social Summit 1 Feb 2000- present; US$116,372
Research and training programme on capacity building of regional urban development planning and management in Latin American and the Caribbean countries. 1 Jan 2000- present; US$321,397
Follow-up to the World Summit for social development 1 Jan 2000- present; US$437,640
United Nations centre for regional development 1 Jul 1998- present; US$28,730,471
Contributing to poverty rradication through social assessments for the follow-up US$595,492
Programme on Reinventing Government in Asia and the Pacific US$327,000
Governance and electoral administration
Capacity-building for promoting gender equality in Africa: a DAW/DPEPA joint venture 1 Jul 2000- present; US$1,241,000
Second global forum on reinventing government 1 Jan 2000- present; US$25,000
International Conference on e-Government for Development US$672,000
Administration and cost of elections
Programme on democratic governance and civil society empowerment US$144,000
Capacity-building programme for diplomats in the third millennium 1 Jan 2001- present; US$397,373
Regional programme framework for Europe and CIS: Capacity- building and information exchange 1 Jan 1999- present; US$2,312,905
Capacity-building in public administration 1 May 1998- present; US$229,284
World Conference on International Governance of Cities and Citizens 31 Mar 1997- present; US$234,471
Training workshop on fostering democracy US$401,787
Advisory servies and operational support US$3,249,378
Financial management and accountability in the face of globalization US$154,125
Social policy design, planning and coordination
Poverty and social exclusion 1 Jul 1999- present; US$406,000
Special programme for local government and civil participation
Fellowships programme for development cooperation 1 Sep 1999- present; US$3,265,475
CAPAS-IV project: Strengthening the capacity of African countries to chart a course for policy reform in their service sectors using endogenous analytical and policy-making resources 1 Nov 1998- present; US$370,581
Technical cooperation and women's lives: integrating gender into development policy 30 Apr 1992- present; US$1,668,501
Training and development of human resources for public management
Water resources development and management
Managing water and energy services for poverty eradication in rural areas 1 Sep 2003- present; US$854,500
Technical cooperation and advisory services for small island developing States 1 Dec 1999- present; US$595,709
Technical adviser in sustainable development 1 Feb 1999- present; US$299,912
International symposia on flood forcasting US$165,450
Interregional technical support services US$349,893