Development issues and policies
Umbrella project for advisory and technical services in support of economic and social reforms 30 Jun 1995- present ; US$202,000


Administrative programme support
Creation of a master plan for the justice system of Albania: 1997 to 2001 1 Sep 1997- present; US$122,498


Development issues and policies
Azerbaijan reconstruction programme 1 Oct 1997- present; US$102,176


Development issues and policies
Strengthening of the macroeconomic forecasting capability in the Ministry of Economy 1 Feb 1997- present; US$185,145

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development issues and policies
Capacity-building support for central government institutions of the Republika Srpska 1 Aug 1999- present; US$29,999
Economic Transition Strategy - Phase II 1 Oct 1997- present; US$234,945


Water resources development and management
Dangerous substances in the aquatic environment 1 Sep 1999- present; US$51,299


Land management
Land management 1 Aug 1998- present; US$742,878
Evaluation mission of MFA (GEO96014) and chancellery (GEO96006) projects US$30,500


Administrative programme support
Enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1 Dec 1998- present; US$178,164
Social policy design, planning and coordination
NGO capacity-building support 1 Jul 1998- present; US$34,999
NGO capacity-building support 1 Jun 1998- present; US$82,000


Building of capacity for conflict analysis and resolution in Romania and the 1 Jan 2000- present; US$55,459

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Development issues and policies
National Human Development Report 1 Apr 2004- present; US$79,013
National Human Development Report for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 28 Mar 2003- present; US$80,000
Preparation of a national development strategy for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 30 Nov 1995- present; US$402,851


Development issues and policies
National development planning US$20,000


Social welfare services and social security
Social reconstruction 30 Apr 1992- present; US$87,261