Development issues and policies
Japan Indonesia Science and Technology Forum 31 Oct 1994- present ; US$125,143
Regional development planning techniques and management 1 Dec 1993- present ; US$193,571
Strengthening planning implementation and training 31 Jul 1986- present ; US$506,681
Energy planning and management
SOPAC Demand Side Management Project 1 Feb 2003- present ; US$204,500
Energy, coal combustion and atmospheric pollution in Northeast Asia 15 Jul 1994- present ; US$1,558,703
Other statistics
Strengthening regional capacities for statistical development in South East Asia 1 Jan 2000- present ; US$1,500,000


Development issues and policies
Preparation of a strategic plan 1 Oct 1997- present; US$177,818


Development issues and policies
Local governance for sustainable human development 1 Jun 1999- present; US$299,999


Energy planning and management
Barrier removal for CFC-free and energy efficient refrigerators in China 1 Dec 1999- present; US$4,154,706
Capacity-building for rapid commercialisation of renewable energy 1 Apr 1999- present; US$12,538,598
Air pollution and public policy: human impact and sustainable development 1 May 1998- present; US$322,117
Capacity development for nitrogen oxide pollution control in Guangzhou 1 May 1997- present; US$77,640
Capacity-building for widespread adoption of clean production for air pollution control in Benxi 1 May 1997- present; US$73,033
Recovery and utilization of landfill methane 7 Sep 1996- present; US$4,959,804
Development of coalbed methane resources in China 30 Apr 1992- present; US$9,296,467
City planning, management and development in the 21st century US$37,424
Training and development of human resources for public management
Global programme for the integration of public administration and the science of disasters 1 Jan 1996- present; US$137,593
Water resources development and management
Policy study on water management in the Huai-Hai River Basin 1 Jul 1997- 7 Jul 2000; US$121,167


New and renewable sources of energy
Solar Home Systems for rural households in Bua province of Fiji 1 Jan 2005- present; US$214,700


Surveying, mapping and cartography
Strengthening disaster management capacity 1 Aug 1997- present; US$249,062
Training and development of human resources for public management
Management development of senior administrators 31 May 1993- present; US$1,129,434
GIS-based technologies for local level development planning 1 Oct 1995- present; US$426,295
Upgrading rail infrastructure for greater throughput 15 Oct 1994- present; US$113,640


Administrative programme support
UNTAET's border control service 1 Jun 2000- present; US$714,334
Civil registration 1 Apr 2000- present; US$510,724
Social policy design, planning and coordination
Design of a methodology for the evaluation of the government of Indonesia's programme for the development of isolated communities and pilott 1 Jul 1997- present; US$152,487

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Energy planning and management
Kyoto Protocol: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development 1 Jan 2004- present; US$100,000


Water resources development and management
Support to outer island development 1 Aug 1995- present; US$454,101

Lao People's Democratic Republic

Development issues and policies
Regional development strategy 1 Nov 1998- present; US$7,368
Rural development, land reform and settlement
Palaveck integrated rural development project 30 Apr 1996- present; US$372,204
Highland integrated rural development pilot project 11 Jul 1989- present; US$6,005,991


Energy planning and management
Assistance to Petronas 1 Dec 1995- present; US$117,569

Marshall Islands

Development issues and policies
Strengthening development planning - phase II 30 Apr 1992- present; US$199,670
Strengthening development planning in the Marshall Islands - phase II 26 May 1989- present; US$353,110
New and renewable sources of energy
Solar power project 1 Mar 1999- present; US$242,000


New and renewable sources of energy
Hybrid photovoltaic system in Agalega Island 1 Oct 1998- present; US$80,000

Micronesia (Federated States of)

Development issues and policies
Strengthening planning implementation and training 15 Oct 1992- present; US$298,717
Economic adviser to the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia 15 Oct 1992- present; US$73,933
Economic advisor to the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia 22 May 1989- present; US$107,727
Water resources development and management
Asian Development Bank water and sanitation project 1 Jan 1997- present; US$667,372


Development issues and policies
Support to the fifth international conference of new or restored democracies 28 Aug 2003- present; US$146,898


Development issues and policies
Studies in social deprivation in Myanmar 1 Aug 1998- present; US$157,321
Support services for initiation of basic needs US$255,700


Governance and electoral administration
A preparatory assistance to the government in dealing with the year 2000 problem 1 Jan 1999- present; US$118,912


Governance and electoral administration
Support to government information house 1 Aug 1998- present; US$141,500

Papua New Guinea

Development issues and policies
Review of CFF- phase I US$50,000
New and renewable sources of energy
Application of organic biomass techniques 1 May 1997- present; US$42,400
Other public administration questions
Technical assistance in financial management 1 Dec 1998- present; US$65,348

Sri Lanka

Development issues and policies
Strengthening external resources department for aid coordination 14 Mar 1993- present; US$62,378


Governance and electoral administration
Governance for poverty alleviation: strengthening local governments and communities 1 Sep 1995- present; US$150,000

Viet Nam

Surveying, mapping and cartography
Application of remote-sensing technology for coastal zone management 1 Jan 2000- present; US$59,255