Development issues and policies
Support to the Arab States in the pursuit of economic and social reform and economic multilateral cooperation 31 Mar 1996- present ; US$185,756
Social welfare services and social security
Strategy for support to sustainable livelihood in the Arab region 1 Jan 1997- present ; US$31,483
Poverty in the Arab region 30 Jun 1995- present ; US$938,192


Social policy design, planning and coordination
Developing a reform plan for the social assistance system 1 Aug 1999- present; US$230,000


Development issues and policies
Regional infrastructure planning 31 Jul 1993- present; US$56,102
Energy planning and management
Energy efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas reduction 1 Oct 1998- present; US$195,065
Energy efficiency improvements 1 Oct 1998- present; US$1,707,575


Energy planning and management
Electricity sector under SCR 986 central and southern regions 1 Feb 1997- present; US$6,477,782
Electricity sector under SCR 996 Northern Region 1 Feb 1997- present; US$6,154,189
Rural development, land reform and settlement
Pilot project for GFIW training centres 1 Jun 1996- present; US$510,787


Improving public sector financial management
Strengthening of the Income Tax Department for improved revenue collection 1 Dec 1998- present; US$470,594
Social policy design, planning and coordination
Formulation of a national strategy in follow-up to the World Summit for Social Development 1 Apr 1997- present; US$211,367
Water resources development and management
Strengthening of the national capacity in water resources planning 30 Apr 1992- present; US$418,095


Development issues and policies
Planning for economic and social development 1 Jun 1994- present; US$496,800
Development planning and management 19 Jan 1993- present; US$430,999
Governance and electoral administration
UNDP Kuwait country review 1 Feb 2000- present; US$20,250
Other statistics
Computer -based development planning support system 31 May 1995- present; US$1,278,792

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Development issues and policies
Development planning and training 31 Jul 1990- present; US$3,335,368
Development training 31 Aug 1997- present; US$1,211,223
Development plan formulation 1 Aug 1997- present; US$1,572,116
Water resources development and management
Strengthening national capacity in water resources monitoring 1 Jul 1997- present; US$480,915


Development issues and policies
Schéma national d'aménagement du territoire - phase IV 30 Nov 1994- present; US$38,452
Water resources development and management
Appui technique à la supervision de l’élaboration du 'Schéma directeur national d'assainissement liquide' 1 Feb 1994- present; US$54,572

Palestian Territory, Occupied

Administrative programme support
Institutional support to the Special Coordinator, UNTSO 1 Jan 2000- present; US$1,170,339
Development support to the Office of the Special Coordinator 1 Dec 1995- present; US$825,258


Water resources development and management
Study of artificial recharge of groundwater in northern Qatar - phase II 1 Dec 1998- present; US$49,099

Saudi Arabia

Development issues and policies
Support for economic and social planning and management 28 Mar 2003- present; US$1,461,375
Support for strategic socio-economic planning US$1,971,900
Energy planning and management
National energy efficiency programme 28 Aug 2002- present; US$909,092
Roads and transport management 1 Jan 2001- present; US$2,516,365
Transport development - phase III 1 Dec 1996- present; US$1,588,441

Syrian Arab Republic

Development issues and policies
Macro economic tools for poverty alleviation 1 Jun 1998- present; US$100,000
Water resources development and management
Planning for integrated water resources management 1 Jul 2000- present; US$562,061
Analysis of the water sector in Syria and formulation of an integrated water resources management project 1 Aug 1999- present; US$65,500

United Arab Emirates

Development issues and policies
Women's participation in the economic and social life 1 Oct 1997- present; US$57,700
Strategic development programme, Abu Dhabi 2000-2020 1 Nov 1996- present; US$1,466,364