Strengthening management in the public sector

  • Executing agency: UN/DESA Division for Public Economics and Public Administration
  • Senior advisor: Mrs. Najet Karaborni
  • Start date: 1 December 1998
  • Total budget: USD 4,947

The project will use a process approach to provide institution-building support for a comprehensive programme of improving management in the United Republic of Tanzania, to carry out the Government's Economic and Social Action Programme. The project will build capacity in the Civil Service Department (CSD), Office of the President, and in related institutions, to: (1) Estimate the required size of the Civil Service to carry out all its functions, given the need for increasing salaries to competitive levels and the limits on Government resources. (2) Establish a national public service training policy and train men and women in the public sector to be managers. (3) Carry out analysis, research and review of administrative and personnel policies. (4) Establish a management audit unit, management audit systems, and exercise effective control over adding to the Government staff, posts and payroll. (5) Manage information systems and computerization (6) Figure out the type, technology and quantity of tools, equipment and other support gear needed in the public service, given the limits on Government resources. The Government is planning related activities to improve budgeting and expenditure control, public enterprise reform, tax reform, and investment promotion.