South Africa 2015: Creating the Future

  • Executing agency: UN/DESA Division for Public Economics and Public Administration
  • Senior advisor: Ms. Gay A. Rosenblum-Kumar
  • Start date: 1 July 2001
  • End date: 1 April 2004
  • Total budget: USD 150,000

A.Overall objectives of the project

This SSPD, with a budget of USD 150,000, commenced in July 2001 and was to have ended by 31 October 2001 with a full-fledged project document. The SSPD "explores ways in which the UNDP in South Africa can provide strategic support to the government of South Africa and other sectors of society in their efforts to create an integrated vision on future development paths." Two international consultants and two national consultants are to draft papers for, and help with coordination of two distinct Roundtable Workshops. A third international consultant (DESA technical support) is to provide administrative backstopping, coordinate the workshops and research, and help with recruitment of international consultants.

B. Activities implemented so far

One DESA staff member provided limited support, including a 2-day mission to South Africa. One national consultant was recruited in July of 2001 for a total of 60 workdays, to review past futures studies and help with organisation of the two workshops. An international consultant was recruited in August of 2001 for 20 workdays to draft a concept paper that reviews selected African and non-African experiences with long term planning exercises. The international consultant submitted his 18-page report on 26 November 2001. No output or evaluation of the national consultant is on file.

C. Activities envisaged for the future

This SSPD is ongoing. To the best of our knowledge, the two national workshops must still be organised. To support the workshops, DESA, in cooperation with UNDP, will recruit a second international consultant and a second national consultant. An additional international consultant will provide DESA technical support. Five of six expected outputs are pending: (1) report on past and on-going South African futures and strategic studies; (2) a methodological concepts paper for a possible South African futures exercise; (3) a series of position papers on critical issues challenging the future of South Africa; (4) a network for dialogue and debate among key players in the field of Futures Research in South Africa; and (5) a comprehensive UNDP Project Document.

D. Problems encountered, etc.

This project is delayed for unknown reasons. At the very onset of the project, on 18 July 2001, the national consultant was contracted to serve through 31 December 2001, two months beyond the estimated end date stipulated by the SSPD document. No date has been set for the first or the second workshop, must less for completion of the SSPD.