United Nations online network of regional institutions for capacity building in public administration and finance (UNPAN)

  • Executing agency: UN/DESA Division for Public Economics and Public Administration
  • Senior advisor: Mrs. Haiyan Qian
  • Start date: 1 June 1999
  • Total budget: USD 1,525,000

The project assists developing countries, including least developed countries, and also countries with economies in transition, in strengthening their institutional and human knowledge, experiences and practices in public administration and finance, especially in such areas as policies and strategies in public sector development, public sector reform, professionalism and ethics in the public service, legal and regulatory framework, administrative modernization and management innovation, public sector financial management and tax reform, public and private partnerships and privatization, and utilization and management of information technology in the public sector.

The recent United Nations global conferences have stressed that strong public institutions, efficient public administration systems and a competent civil service are essential for the development efforts of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. At the same time, deficiencies in institutional, financial and human capabilities of the public sector most negatively affect the delivery of essential social services. Many developing countries have embarked on administrative reforms and are in the process of undertaking programmes for modernizing public administration. To succeed in these reforms, access to highly reputed expertise, successful practices and experiences and training facilities is critical.

The project assists existing regional/subregional institutions in the developing countries in creating electronic networks to exchange expertise and share experiences and lessons learned in the area of public administration and finance.

The networks are being drawn upon already existing regional/subregional institutions devoted to public administration and development. The project will initially comprise five pilot centres (two in Africa, one in Asia, one in Latin America and the Caribbean and one in Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States countries) which will be selected among a number of institutions operating in the developing world. The project aims at strengthening the capacity of developing countries to carry out administrative reform and modernization by learning from experiences of other developing countries. It linkages and cooperation within regions and between regions by facilitating exchanges among policy makers, practitioners and experts from research institutions. By enhancing the capacity of the regional and subregional institutions dealing with questions of public administration and finance to serve as catalysts for sharing information and expertise and providing training, the project increases developing countries' self-reliance in addressing problems in the field of public administration and finance.