Northeast Asia regional cooperation strategy

  • Executing agency: UN/DESA Division for Public Economics and Public Administration
  • End date: 28 March 2003
  • Total budget: USD 35,000

A. Overall objectives of the project

The potential benefits of expanded cooperation in Northeast Asia are enormous. Policy coordination and deeper trade and investment integration among these economies could lead to both increased economic efficiency and growth and a greater weight in global economy. More fully integrating the natural resource base of Eastern Russia in the regional economy would also lead to economic efficiency and growth while at the same time reducing dependency on natural resource imports from outside the region. Robust regional cooperation would help both Mongolia and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to integrate more successfully in the regional and global economies and contribute to development in these countries as well as eastern parts of China and Russia that have not articulated fully in the economic progress of recent decades. Expanded regional cooperation would thus contribute to improving the long-term security and prosperity of all the peoples of Northeast Asia.

B. Activities implemented so far

The project just began in 2001. SPPD Preparatory Assistance ($35,000) has been provided to prepare a well researched and analytical paper on the prospects for greater regional cooperation and integration among the countries of the Northeast Asia Region including DPRK.

C. Activities envisaged for the future

The paper prepared articulates a vision for greater regional cooperation in the Northeast Asia and strategy to move towards that vision. This would include a consultative process, realistic agenda, options and recommendations for the necessary policies, guidelines and programmes that need to be in place or implemented by the government of the region, international development institutions and the private sector to achieve a holistic framework for regional cooperation in Northeast Asia.