Development training

  • Executing agency: UN/DESA Division for Public Economics and Public Administration
  • Senior advisor: Mrs. Haiyan Qian
  • Start date: 31 August 1997
  • Total budget: USD 1,211,223

Overall Objectives of the Project:

The project is intended to assist the Secretariat of Planning, Economy and Trade in training its staff in work necessary for the preparation of national development plans and in techniques of economic planning and management at the national and sectoral levels.

Description of work:

Prepare reports on macroeconomic problems and performance of the Libyan economy; Hold workshops for training national counterparts in macroeconomic planning procedures and policy formulation, Hold and organize training sessions on relevant software that are widely used in planning, assist in other task that may be required.

Activities implemented: 1. The national accounts advisor has finalised estimates for the complete system of SNA for 1986-1999
2. A training course on the SNA 1993 was held for two weeks in March 2002.
3. The national accounts advisor prepared an 94 page material in Arabic titled ‘Lectures on National Accounts SNA 1993’. 17 trainees attended and the course was evaluated favourably.
3. A specialised consultant on investment was hired to prepare a background report on Libya’s investment laws. He has submitted a lengthy report entitled ‘The Investment Regulatory and institutional framework in the socialist republic people’s Libyan Arab Jamahirya: world trends and current international practices’. The report was circulated for is pending finalisation in light of comments.

Activities envisaged for the future:

Since the project has extended for more than 3 years beyond its completion date additional information is now being sought on what activities remain (if any) to finalise and complete the project.