Advisory services

Ms. Adriana Alberti
Chief Technical Adviser, Programme for Innovation in Public Administration in the Mediterranean Region

Alberti, Adriana

Telephone: +1 212/963-2299
Fax: +1 212/963-9681
Nationality: Italy
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and some Portuguese



Ms. Adriana Alberti has been working for the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs since 1998. She is Chief Technical Adviser of the Programme for Innovation in Public Administration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region and is currently responsible for coordinating and managing all substantive and organizational activities related to the implementation of this major project. She is in charge of devising capacity development strategies in governance, establishing a network of innovators in the Mediterranean region as well as promoting a common understanding of governance issues and sharing of information on best practices ( She also undertakes policy analysis and research, prepares analytical reports, policy statements and United Nations official documents in areas related to governance and public administration, and provides support to inter-governmental processes by drafting parliamentary documentation and substantive inputs to background papers for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration. She is the editor and co-author of the first issue of the United Nations World Public Sector Report, the flagship publication of the Division, on "Globalization and the State". She actively participates in organizing major international conferences in the field of governance and development, including the Fifth and Fourth Global Forum on Reinventing Government.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Ms. Alberti taught at several universities and was research fellow at the Center for Judicial Studies, Department of Public Administration and Political System, University of Bologna for seven years (1991-1998). Ms. Alberti taught courses on Western European Politics, European Union, and Democratization in Eastern Europe while Professor at Syracuse University and Dickinson College - Center for European Studies (Italy). She has been Visiting Scholar at the Center for International Studies of Princeton University (N.J., USA), Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Advanced Social Studies in Cordoba (Spain), and conducted research on democracy and judicial systems at the Institute of Judicial Administration, University of Birmingham, (United Kingdom). In 1998 she worked for Scienter, a non-for-profit organization on Training and Education, Bologna, Italy and co-edited a two-volume publication for the European Union Commission. Ms. Alberti received her Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence, a post-graduate research institute established by the Member States of the European Union. She has received fellowships from the Government of Italy, the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.) and from the Government of Spain through the Salvador de Madariaga Research Grant.

Area of specialization:

Governance and Public administration; Democratization and Institution Building; Globalization and the State; Judicial administration; South-South cooperation.


2003 - present   Chief Technical Adviser, Programme for Innovation in Public Administration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, Governance and Public Administration Branch, UN/DESA/DPADM, New York
2001 - 2003   Public Administration Officer, Office of the Director, Division for Public Economics and Public Administration (DPEPA), UN/DESA, New York
2000 - 2001   Associate Public Administration Officer, Division for Public Economics and Public Administration (DPEPA), UN/DESA, New York
2000 - 2000   Consultant in Governance, Division for Public Economics and Public Administration (DPEPA), UN/DESA, New York
1998 - 1999   Associate Expert in Governance, Regional Project Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, DPEPA, UN/DESA, New York
1998 - 1998   Professor, Dickinson College, Centre for European Studies,, Bologna, Italy
1998 - 1998   Researcher at Scienter, Consulting and Research non-for-profit organisation on Training and Education, , Bologna, Italy
1991 - 1998   Researcher, Centre for Judicial Studies, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
1994 - 1997   Professor, Syracuse University, Syracuse Programme in Italy
1996 - 1996   Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Social Studies, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), Cordoba, Spain
1992 - 1993   Visiting Fellow, Center of International Studies (CIS), Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
1991 - 1991   Visiting Fellow, Birmingham University, Institute of Judicial Administration, United Kingdom


1997 - Ph.D. (Social and Political Sciences), European University Institute (EUI), Fiesole (FI), Italy
1992 - (Post-graduate Diploma in Judicial Studies), Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain
1991 - Master's (Laurea) (Political Science, Magna cum Laude, Department of Politics and International Studies), University of Bologna, Italy


American Political Science Association (1996 to present)


Co-author with Guido Bertucci, "The Role of Decentralized Governance in fostering the participation of minorities", DESA Discussion Paper, March , 2003

Co-author with Guido Bertucci, “Globalization and the Role of the State: Challenges and Perspectives” in Rondinelli and Cheema, Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century. State Capacity in a Globalizing Society , Kumarian Press, 2003

Editor, United Nations, Citizens, Businesses and Governments: Dialogue and Partnerships for Development and Democracy, November , 2003

Editor and co-author, United Nations, World Public Sector Report on Globalization and the State, DESA, United Nations , 2001

Multimedia Educational Software Observatory, Co editor, European Union, European Commission, DG XXII , 1998

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Prepared background documentation and papers for the University of Bologna on judicial administration

Prepared a number of papers and background documentation for the DPADM on topics related to public administration reform, governance, social services delivery, globalisation and the managerial reform of the State in developing countries.

The Role of Public Prosecutors in Democratic Regimes. A Comparative Study: England and Wales, Spain, Italy, unpublished monograph.

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Author, “Globalization”, in Encyclopedia on Public Policies – Governance in a Global Age, Routledge, London and New York, forthcoming