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Mr. Jean-Michel Chéné
Advisor on sustainable water development and management

Chéné, Jean-Michel

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Nationality: France
Languages: English, French



Jean-Michel Chéné joined the United Nations in 1992 as an Advisor on Integrated Water Resources Development and Management. He was a principal engineer in water resources planning and management at the Sogreah engineering company in France from 1981 to 1992. There he was the team leader of major multidisciplinary water development and management projects in developing countries which were funded by various institutions including the World-Bank, European Union and the Asian Development Bank, in particular in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), in Sub-Sahara Africa (Kenya, Gabon, Mali, Niger, Madagascar, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire…), in the Middle-East (Jordan, Irak), in Asia (Malaysia) and in South-America (Brazil). From 1975 to 1981 he was, a Technical Advisor for the national water resources department of Morocco, in charge of operational water resources monitoring and management in arid and semi-arid river basins of this country. Through these activities, and through U.N. technical cooperation activities at the request of countries, mainly in Africa and the Middle-East, Mr. Chéné has been involved over the years, in the areas of integrated and efficient management of water resources and water uses with physical, economic, social and environmental components. As a follow-up of the recommendations of main UN and international conferences on water, he has developed and supported in practice operational strategic approaches for the involvement of main group of actors at the national river basin and local levels. He has participated in the conception of major regional and national water programmes; in the organization of national, regional and international workshops; as well as in normative reasearchs. He has published various technical papers, in particular on integrated hydro-system modelisation and on decision-aid tools for physical and economic optimal cross-sectoral allocation of water stocks (surface and groundwater).

Area of specialization:

Integrated water sector development and management including : promotion of joint water resources and economic accounting with environmental and social indicators; methodology and capacity-building for countries’ self assessment of their water sector , reform needs, and water policy; finance and equitable tarification; national and sub-national water sector strategy and action plan through wide programmatic approach involving administrations and donors towards MDG ; and, community based approach to water service management in rural areas with involvement of local governments and local entrepreneurs. Support to regional cooperation on international water courses - on SIDS and on sustainable development strategies geared towards vulnerable groups that encourage environmentally sound development practices.


1992 - present   UN Interregional Advisor on Sustainable Water Development and Management, United Nations, New York, USA
1981 - 1992   Principal Engineer in Water Resources, Planning and Development - Sogreah’s Agricultural and Urban Hydraulics Department, Grenoble, France
1975 - 1980   Water Resources Adviser to the Government of Morocco, French Technical Cooperation - Resident engineer in Rabat, Rabat, Morocco
1973 - 1975   Foreign lecturer in Hydraulics, Algerian Oil Institute, French technical cooperation - Boumerdes, Algeria


1972 - Graduate degree (Water resources and hydraulics engineering), National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France
1971 - Advanced studies (Geophysics and spatial physics), University of Toulouse, France
1970 - Masters degree (Fluid mechanics), University of Toulouse, France


International Water Resources Association


Various technical papers presented in international conferences; more than seventy technical reports linked to consultancies and ten reports on international or regional workshops.