Sustainable development

The Division for Sustainable Development provides targeted parliamentary, analytical and technical advisory services at the request of individual governments. These services, in cooperation with United Nations agencies and regional commissions, support specific policy initiatives and the requisite institutional development and capacity-building.

The Division formulates, implements and executes multidisciplinary programmes and projects dealing with key aspects of sustainable development. As countries take increasing responsibility for project execution, the technical support is specifically designed to accelerate the formulation of policies for sustainable development and provide substantive support for their implementation at national and international levels.

The Division's technical expertise enables it to support developing countries and countries with economies in transition in their realization of sustainable development. Within the Division for Sustainable Development, special expertise is available in freshwater management, energy, infrastructure and land management, and mineral resources. Expertise is also available on financial issues related to economic development, social development and environmental protection.


Mr Viktor Badaker
Energy efficiency, clean coal technologies, alternative and renewable energy sources, energy policy reform and cooperation in Central Asia


Mr. Jean-Michel Chéné
Integrated water sector development and management including : promotion of joint water resources and economic accounting with environmental and social indicators; methodology and capacity-building for countries’ self assessment of their water sector , reform needs, and water policy; finance and equitable tarification; national and sub-national water sector strategy and action plan through wide programmatic approach involving administrations and donors towards MDG ; and, community based approach to water service management in rural areas with involvement of local governments and local entrepreneurs. Support to regional cooperation on international water courses - on SIDS and on sustainable development strategies geared towards vulnerable groups that encourage environmentally sound development practices.