Advisory services

The promotion of development in a rapidly globalizing world, reflected in the deepening interdependence of nations and issues, is one of the foremost challenges facing the world today.

United Nations policy advisory services, supplemented by research and training, support the efforts of governments at their request and in accordance with their national policies, to formulate development strategies and build national capacities for sustained economic growth and social progress.

Advancement of women

Building national capacity for implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (1995) and the outcome of the twenty-thrid special session of the General Assembly (2000) as well as the implementation of the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1979). [more]

Governance and public administration

Promoting effective and efficient public sector management, decentralization of decision-making, sound and accountable public financial management, and government interaction with civil society.[more]

Integrated follow-up to UN conferences

Promoting knowledge management, sharing and networking for integrated implementation of the outcomes of United Nations conferences and summits, using information and communications technologies.[more]


Implementing the Cairo Programme of Action on population and development, and assisting countries track and analyse population dynamics.[more]

Social Policy and Development

Emphasizing social development, social integration, reconciliation, social assessment and participation of civil society.[more]


Advising and training countries on demographic, social, industrial, energy, environmental, national accounts and trade statistics methodology and systems.[more]

Sustainable development

Formulating strategies, strengthening institutions and supporting multi-stakeholder consultative processes for the sustainable management of freshwater, energy, land and mineral resources, as well as mobilizing financial resources for sustainable development.[more]