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Sustainable Tourism

Leading Country
Mr Thibault Devanlay

:: GOAL ::

To promote tourism that: makes optimal use of environmental resources, helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity; respects the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserving their cultural heritage and traditional values; and ensures viable, long-term economic operations that provide socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders.

:: Activities

The Task Force is encouraging the implementation of actions that promote sustainable tourism through the development of support tools, pilot projects and good practices in other countries.

The Task Force areas of priority are climate change, biodiversity, cultural and natural heritage, and local development.

:: Policy Input

The Task Force agreed on a set of policy recommendations to reinforce sustainability parameters in tourism planning and management. The recommendations will be presented during preparations for the 18th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in 2010,It was also acknowledged at the UNWTO General Assembly by a group of Member States in October 2009.

Policy recommendations: [English | French | Spanish]

:: Main Projects

Some of the main projects coordinated by UNEP-DTIE in partnership with other member countries and organizations include:

  • Raising Awareness on Tourism and Climate Change
  • Green Passport – Holidays for a Living Planet - Launching of the Green Passport Campaign to raise awareness in the tourism community.
    [Fact sheet: Chinese | Eng | Fr]
  • The Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism Network (SIFT)
    [Fact sheet: Eng | Fr]
  • Tourism Sustainability Council (TSC):
    a merger of the Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council (STSC) ENG | FR
    and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC): ENG | FR
  • Sustainable Coastal Tourism: The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
    ENG | FR
  • Promoting heritage-based tourism: Preserving today's treasures for tomorrow's generations
    (Promoting Natural and Cultural Heritage as Assets for Sustainable Tourism Development)
    ENG | FR
  • Sowing the Seeds for Change - Capacity Building for environmental management of small and medium enterprises in the accommodation sector
    ENG | FR | View the CD-ROM online: Arabic, English, French
  • Disaster risk management for coastal tourism destinations responding to climate change 
    ENG | FR
  • Improving environmental management of SMEs in the accommodation sector (E-tool)
    ENG | FR

Click here to see the nearly 40 projects, policy tools, methodologies and publications developed by the members of the Task Force and other partners.

:: Future

Given the successful completion of the work programme of the Task Force, there is a significant opportunity to develop the natural synergies among its numerous outputs and its ongoing initiatives to further disseminate, expand, and mainstream projects and initiatives. Thus, it was decided during the Fifth Task Force meeting to transform this initiative into a United Nations Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism with the Task Force’s policy recommendations as basis.

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