Sustainable Public Procurement

Leading Country
Ms Eveline Venanzoni

:: GOAL ::

The goal of the Task Force is for 10% of countries in all regions of the world to have sustainable public procurement programmes in place by 2010.

:: Objective

The principal objective is to promote and support the implementation of public procurement programmes that encourage the uptake of sustainable products and services.

:: Key Activities

Some of the key activities are

  • to develop practical guidance and toolkits for sustainable public procurement,
  • to carry out research and prepare policy papers on SPP,
  • to promote SPP through training and assistance, and
  • to facilitate dialogue and work amongst stakeholders and countries on SPP.

:: Status Assessment

One of the instruments to being used to help the Task Force reach its goal is the online Status Assessment, which enables new starters and experienced practitioners to:

  • Identify what's happening nationally/organisationally on SPP
  • Understand the steps needed to improve SPP
  • Access sources of help and guidance to improve SPP
  • Compare their SPP approach with others
  • Raise awareness of the international commitment to SPP