Sustainable Products

Leading Country
United Kingdom
Mr Chris Baker

:: GOAL ::

The Task Force aims at raising awareness of product policy as a means of achieving international development and environmental objectives; seeking common priorities and opportunities for practical cooperation in encouraging more innovation on product eco-design and establishing and participating in open and transparent processes for improving product performance.

:: Outcomes

Planned outcomes for the International Task Force for Sustainable Products include:

  • Faster and more assured progress towards sustainable products, consistent with the UN’s planned 10-year framework of programmes on SCP
  • Products with reduced consumption of energy, water and other resources, using fewer hazardous substances and producing less problematic waste.
  • Open and transparent processes providing more certainty and better policy signals for industry, encouraging investment in innovation, reducing policy costs.
  • Better regulation (e.g. through harmonisation of performance measurement methodologies, the use of similar policy measures and eco-design requirements, synchrony etc.),
  • More international co-operation in policy development.

Example: The Task Force is achieving concrete progress on specific products through international networks of experts. Known as Global Sustainable Product Networks (GSPNs), such networks have already been set up to cover:

  • lighting,
  • home entertainment, and
  • electronic motors.