Sustainable Buildings & Construction

Leading Country
Ms Kaarin Taipale

:: GOAL ::

the aim of the Task Force is to promote energy efficiency, energy savings and the use of renewable energy in the built environment through public policies and legislation.

:: Activities

  • The Task Force is planning to develop a checklist for decision-makers not familiar with challenges and opportunities for sustainable buildings and construction.
  • It is initiating research projects and publishing best policy practices.
  • The Task Force has reported on energy use and GHG emissions in construction & buildings and issued recommendations for policy action points. (

:: Links

The publications Sustainable Buildings and Construction - Policy Action Points and Buildings and Climate Change: Status, Challenges and Opportunities are also available at the Task Force website.

UNEP's Sustainable Buildings and Construction Initiative (SBCI) is a key partner of the Task Force. In cooperation, it has published the baseline report Buildings and Climate Change - Status, Challenges and Opportunities (