Education for Sustainable Consumption

Leading Country
Mr Andrea Innamorati

:: GOAL ::

The Task Force is set on achieving progress in the introduction of sustainable consumption and production issues into formal learning processes considering appropriate links to non-formal and informal education.

The Task Force supports the Marrakech Process through political initiatives, research activities and pilot projects in this sector.

:: 3 Objectives

Efforts are focused towards the achievement of three objectives:

  1. mapping, exchanging and networking,
  2. ESC as a support to other policies,
  3. the advancement of ESC in formal curricula.

:: Activities include

  • a collection of good practices,
  • a database and a technical planner on ESC,
  • the drafting of guidelines on the introduction of ESC into formal learning processes,
  • the creation of linkages and synergies between the Task Force initiatives and relevant regional and international organizations active in the field of ESC,
  • the definition of sets of indicators and quality criteria for monitoring and evaluation.

A special focus of the Task Force is on the Mediterranean region, and sharing its experiences globally. The Task Force is also supporting work on the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development.