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WASH Media Awards

The WASH Media Awards initiative recognizes and supports the crucial role of the media in raising awareness of the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene services. It aims to help improve access to these services by having a positive influence on politicians, business persons, civil society representatives and individual citizens. The initiative, first launched in 2002, is open to journalists who write or broadcast original investigative reports on WASH issues.


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WASH Media Awards 2007-2008

This video of the winning entries was shown during
the Awards ceremony that took place at the closing
session of the World Water Week in Stockholm

Co-organised by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the 2008 WASH Media Awards drew 140 entries from 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Central, South and Southeast Asia.

Award Objectives

The winning entries fulfilled the objectives of the award:
- to raise awareness on the significance and impact of water, sanitation and hygiene services;
- to promote coverage of WASH issues in the local and national media of developing countries;
- and to encourage a sustainable relation between the media and WASH sector stakeholders.

WASH Media Awards 2007-2008

Ms Windred Onyimbo
:: “Disease in a bottle”

flag Radio Reportage
Winner - English Language Category
Kenya, Trans World Radio

Ms Claudine Efoa Atohoun
:: "Dassa, la commune des 41 collines"
:: "Dassa, the commune of the 41 hills"

flag Radio Reportage
Winner - French Language Category
Benin, Office of Radio & Television

Ms Cátia Toffoletto
:: "Water, the waste condemning São-Paulo"

flag Radio Reportage
Winner - Spanish Language Category
Brazil, CBN - Radio São-Paulo

Ms Salome Gregory Sumbya
:: "This is Same, where fetching water means children miss classes"

Winner - Gender Category
Tanzania, Mwananchi Communications Ltd

Left to right:
Anders Berntell - Executive Director SIWI, Windred Onyimbo, Robert Lamb - Jury Chair, Salome Gregory Sumbya, Jon Lane - Executive Director WSSCC, Cátia Toffoletto, Claudine Efoa Atohoun

- WASH Media Award 2008 Ceremony at the World Water Week in Stockholm

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