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View     Financial Management of Water Supply and Sanitation WHO Describes a range of financial principles and methods for improving the manageme More ... 1994 English, Spanish, French
View     Sanitation and hygiene promotion: programming guidance WHO/WSSCC This document is about setting in place a process whereby people (women, childre More ... 2005 Link English
View     Costs and benefits of water and sanitation improvements at the global level (Eva More ... WHO The aim of this study was to estimate the economic costs and benefits of a range More ... 2004 Link English, Spanish, French
View     Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target WHO/UNICEF This report prepared by WHO and UNICEF provides water supply and sanitation cove More ... 2004 Link English, Spanish
View     Sanitation challenge: Turning commitment into reality WHO In response to global demand, this document summarises the key thinking about ho More ... 2004 Link English
View     Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000 Report WHO/UNICEF Reports the findings, by country and by region, of a global assessment of the wa More ... 2000 Link English, Spanish, French
View     Tools for Assessing the O & M status of Water Supply and Sanitation in Developin More ... WHO/ O & M Network Sets out a managerial framework, supported by specific assessment tools, for mea More ... 2000 Link English, Arabic
View     Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Systems WHO A spiral-bound collection of training materials and activities designed to help More ... 2000 Link English, Arabic
View     Sanitation Promotion WHO/WSSCC A collection of original articles, case studies, checklists, worksheets, and sti More ... 1998 Link English, French
View     Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation. The PHAST Initiative WHO Describes an exciting new approach, based on an innovative set of participatory More ... 1997 Link English, Spanish, French
View     Financing Wastewater Collection and Treatment in Relation to the Millenium Devel More ... UNEP/GPA The paper addresses the global financing challenge of providing adequate wastewa More ... 2004 Link English The paper indicates that improved sewerage can range from 10 to 800 US$ per pers More ...
View     Operation and Maintenance of Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Systems WHO Describes a systems approach to the operation and maintenance of drinking-water More ... 1994 English, French
View     Guidelines for the Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater Volume 2: Waste More ... WHO Volume 2 of the Guidelines explains requirements to promote safe use concepts an More ... 2006 Link English
View     A Guide to the Development of On-site Sanitation WHO Provides detailed practical and technical advice intended to guide the selection More ... 1992 Link English, Spanish, French
View     Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment UNDP This booklet addresses the different sanitation and hygiene needs of women and m More ... 2005 Link English, French, Spanish
View     Ecological Solutions to Flush Toilet Failures UNDP This book is an awareness raising tool at any level. It is intended for use by g More ... 2004 Link English, Hindi, Kanada, Malayalam, Oriya, Sinhala, Tamil, Telegu.
View     Closing The Loop: Ecological Sanitation for Food Security UNDP, SIDA, Water and Sanitation Programme, Thrasher Research Fund and PAHO This publication presents a shift in the way people think about and act upon hum More ... 2005 Link English
View     Getting Africa on track to meet the MDGs on Water and Sanitation UNDP, WSP, EUWI, AfDB, AMCOW,WB. This book brings together current data for African sector leaders and support ag More ... 2006 Link English
View     Statements and Recommendations from Major International Meetings on Water Resour More ... UNDP's Science, Technology and Private Sector Division This publication represents a ready reference to statements and recommendations More ... 1994 Link English
View     EcoSan: The Big Picture UNDP Discusses ecosan as a closed-loop ecosystem approach to the management of human More ... 2001 Link English