As members of the Global Migration Group (GMG) the Population Division of UN/DESA, in collaboration with UNICEF and other members of the data and research working group, has prepared this common set of indicators.

The indicators presented in these profiles are divided in four major parts. Part I covers the adoption of legal instruments related to international migration. Part II presents a set of population indicators including population estimates and projections, rates of change and the effects of future international migration on total population and working-age population. In Part III, several development indicators are presented, covering life expectancy, GDP per capita, remittances and others. Part IV covers international migration by major age-group and country of origin and destination, refugee populations by country of origin and destination, and the number of tertiary students by country of origin.

Indicators in PDF and in MS-Excel Format (version 2010 or later)

Definitions and Sources

  Suggested citation:
United Nations, DESA-Population Division and UNICEF (2014). Migration Profiles - Common Set of Indicators .