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Analyses of Revised UN Model Life Tables

Scatter plots showing relations between different quantities in the revised UN Model Life Tables
with superimposed data from 5x5 life tables from Human Mortality Database (www.mortality.org)

q0 � infant mortality rate
4q1 - age-specific probability of dying from age 1 to age 5
5q0 - age-specific probability of dying from birth to age 5
45q15 - age-specific probability of dying from age 15 to age 60
g0 � logit of infant mortality rate
4g1 � logit of age specific probability of dying from age 1 to 4
5g0 - logit of age-specific probability of dying from birth to age 5
45g15 - logit of age-specific probability of dying from age 15 to age 60
e0 � life expectancy at birth
5e0 � temporary life expectancy between birth and age 5, 5L0 / l0
45e15 � temporary life expectancy between ages 15 and 60, 45L15 / l15
e60 � remaining life expectancy at age 60

Note: UN-MLT 2010 is based on the Coale-Demeny (1983) and UN (1982) model life tables and was extended to cover life expectancy up to 100+

Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2012): United Nations Model Life Tables (UN-MLT 2010). New York (internal data set).

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